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Adularia: Network Routing & Security Appliance

Adularia: Network Routing & Security Appliance

Offering enterprise grade performance and security. Wide variety of configurations and form factors.
The Adularia platform offers routing, advance routing, firewall, intrusion prevention, anti virus, high availability, redundancy, and more. Units available with multiple / redundant WAN’s and network interfaces up to 40GB/s.


Easy management with web GUI showing advance network statistics, no command line required. The Adularia platform features high modularity with wide variety of network interfaces and upgrades, this ensures high return on investment and longer supported life. The Adularia platform is powered by OPNsense on FreeBSD Unix

Adularia Core Features

  • Traffic Shaper
  • Captive portal
    • Voucher support
    • Template manager
    • Multi zone support
  • Forward Caching Proxy
    • Transparent mode supported
    • Blacklist support
  • Virtual Private Network
    • Site to site
    • Road warrior
    • IPsec
    • OpenVPN
  • High Availability & Hardware Failover
    • Includes configuration synchronization & synchronized state tables
    • Moving virtual IPs
  • Intrusion Detection and Inline Prevention
    • Built-in support for Emerging Treats rules
    • Simple setup by use of rule categories
    • Scheduler for period automatic updates
  • Built-in reporting and monitoring tools
    • System Health, the modern take on RRD Graphs
    • Packet Capture
    • Netflow
  • Support for plugins
  • DNS Server & DNS Forwarder
  • DHCP Server and Relay
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Backup & Restore
    • Encrypted cloud backup to Google Drive and Nextcloud
    • Configuration history with colored diff support
    • Local drive backup & restore
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Granular control over state table
  • 802.1Q VLAN support
  • and more…


Popular Models:

SahliTech Adularia: Network Routing & Security Appliances are powered by OPNsense, you can learn more about OPNsense, from their official website: or from the wiki: