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SahliTech Adularia 1990X Series

SahliTech Adularia Routing & Security 1990X Series

SahliTech Adularia hrf_m2

Powerful built for enterprise data center use | Energy Efficient | Ideal for office use | Built with pride in Arizona USA|

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A few advantages:

Speed and reliability: De-modulation, routing, and transmitting Wi-Fi all use resources, during heavy traffic an all in one solution (router and access point combo) will quickly run out of resources causing slowdown, lost packets, and general network unreliability. Our router appliance has its own dedicated resources providing efficient routing during heavy network traffic.


Intelligent routing: Our routing engine provides advance packet prioritization, smart QOS, VLANs & virtual networks, as well as compatibility for many industry standard protocols.


Reliable DDNS: Reliable dynamic domain name services (DDNS), supporting SahliTech, CloudFlare, and many other DDNS service providers. Part of the boot up procedure is establishing a connection to the DDNS and initiation of the domain relay.


Advance networking features: Deploy your own secure DNS (allowing you and your team to connect to your network from anywhere with internet access), connect an external storage device to provide network shared storage (your own cloud) accessible from anywhere with internet access.


Safe and secure firewall and network antivirus: advance enterprise firewall, allowing very high level of security easy to adapt, and simple to configure via web interface. Out of box prevention of DDOS attacks, Inside DNS, packet snooping/sniffing, and many other common attacks. Anti-virus can be enabled on the appliance preventing viruses, malware, trojans, and other compromised files and attacks, from entering your network.


Scalable & Customizable: HRF1 Series appliances are fully customizable and easily fit into almost any network environment. Many upgrades are available for the HRF1 series including: additional interfaces for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular/WWAN/LTE, and more. Hardware resources upgrades are also available; multiple HRF1 appliances can be linked together, on and off site.

Available with up to:

10GBs line routing speed

10x gigibit* Ethernet interfaces

8x gigibit/10gigibit* SFP or fiber interfaces

2x Serial interfaces

CPU: Up to 48 Cores, 2CPU’s

RAM: Up to 128GB of RAM avalabile with ECC (Error Check Correction), REG

Cryptology: Avalabile with dedicated TPS, ASIC Encryption

Cooling: AIR cooled up to 10 fans or liquid cooling connection (external pump, rad, res)

Console: Serial or VGA

*Gigibit refers to 1GBs Ethernet 1000base-t, 10Gigibit refers to 1GBs Ethernet 100000base-t

Size: 1U Rackmount Profile

Power: Available with up to 2 redundant PSU’s 110/240V options

CPU: Intel Xeon L, X, W, E5, E7 Series, or AMD Thredriper, EPYC, or Opteron Series Upto 48Cores, 2x CPU’s

Cryptology: Available with Dedicated TPS, ASIC

Ethernet Controller(s): Varies: Intel, Chelsio, Brodcomm

Unit TDP: 30-300W

RAM: Most units use ECC/REG-DDR3 or ECC/REG-DDR4 (some units support REG/ECC) most units support up to 128GB of RAM

Storage: Most units use an 20-80GB SSD or USB, SD, CF Card/Drive as the firmware storage with a direct CF slot on the logic board. Some units support hot swappable drive from front of unit (SAS/SATA), or can have additional drives installed. Most units will hold up to 3 drives.