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Thermal Frost Fusion – Thermal Compound

Thermal Frost Fusion™ 

SahliTech Thermal Frost Fusion is designed for performance computing and high temperature electronics, Thermal Frost contains a fusion of the highest thermally conductive materials Gold, Silver, and Silicone to provide supreme thermal transfer.

Suitable for use with: Gaming PC’s, Overclocked PC’s, High Performance Workstations, Crypto Miners, Servers, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Lasers, LED’s, Projectors, Audio Amplifiers, Invertors, Industrial Controllers, Mosfets, IHS (de-lid CPUs), and lots of other components.



  • Thermal Conductivity: 3.60W/m-k
  • Thermal Resistance: <0.100°C-in2/W
  • Low-Electrical Conductivity, Non-toxic, Non-corrosive
  • Extremely long shelf and service life, lasts for years without degrading.



Research began summer of 2010 and has been a work in progress, after lots of experimenting, fine tuning, overclocking, and measuring we have finally perfected our thermal compound and are very confident in its performance. We tested multiple materials including copper, graphite, diamond and more our propriety mix of Gold, Silver, and Silicone yield the best results. Our formula provides near-zero thermal impedance that deliver efficient heat transfer between components and cooling solutions, in most applications you will see lower component temperatures.


Package Contains:

  • 1/8th Oz (3.5g) or quad 1/4 Oz (7g) Container of Thermal Frost Fusion
  • Application Spatula


Where to Purchase:



Purchase Thermal Frost Fusion directly from SahliTech, Inc.


Thermal Frost Fusion Kit includes application spatula and your choice of: Eighth (1/8th Oz, 3.5g), Quad (1/4th Oz, 7g), Half (1/2th Oz, 12g), or Oz (1 Oz, 28g) Container of Thermal Frost Fusion.

Proudly engineered and made in USA, using foreign and domestic components.


Purchase Eighth (1/8th Oz, 3.5g) of Thermal Frost Fusion $15
Buy Thermal Frost Fusion – Eighth


Purchase Quad (1/4th Oz, 7g) of Thermal Frost Fusion $25
Buy Thermal Frost Fusion – Quad


Purchase Half (1/2th Oz, 12g) of Thermal Frost Fusion $40
Buy Thermal Frost Fusion – Half


Purchase Oz (1 Oz, 28g) of Thermal Frost Fusion $85
Buy Thermal Frost Fusion – Oz