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Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

SahliTech can remotely connect to your computer to preform estimates, repairs or maintenance.

We use the AeroAdmin program for remote connections, please follow the steps below so our technician can login to your system.


First Step: Download the Remote Client

The First step is to download the AeroAdmin Remote client program,

Click the button below to download the remote software:
Download Remote Client

Second Step: Run the Remote Software

Once you download the “AeroAdmin” file, run it

Third Step: Send “Your ID” to the SahliTech Technician

locate the “Your ID” field it is on the left side of the remote program, in the blue box. When you first open the software it will take a minute or two for the “Your ID” field to populate.

Once you recieve “Your ID” you will need to send it to your SahliTech technician.
You can submit your remote ID directly to your SahliTech technician via call, text, or email. You can also submit your remote ID on line, using the link below.

Submit Your Remote ID



Forth Step: Check the “Allow access to my computer” box and click the “Accept” button.

When the SahliTech technician attempts to connect to your computer, you will see this message asking to accept the request.

Check the “Allow access to my computer” box then click the “Accept” button.






More Help:

For more instructions, videos on how to download and run the remote software please select your browser below.

Your browser is the program that you use to explore the Internet, see the icon table below to see what browser you use, if you don’t already know.