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SahliTech offers multiple routers to support a variety of networks, no matter the type or size.

Reliably, and securely connect devices and applications across your cloud, offices, datacenters, and remote locations. Our routers are designed for performance, security, reliability, and modularity. We use widely supported opensource tech providing a multitude of documentation, tutorials, and consistent updates, patches, and new features.




Focused on business resilience

With the rapidly growth of online business, remote offices, and working from home it is now more important than ever to plan your network and infrastructure to respond to the unexpected. SahliTech offers consolations and can recommend and deploy network solutions around your specific business needs.

Heightened security across the internet

We offer a highly secure platform providing powerful firewall with self-learning ant-intrusion engine connected to databases constantly updating known threats. SahliTech Routers offer secure remote connections, strong encryption, powerful monitoring tools, and scalable resource management to help protect your servers, users, data, and applications between locations.



Scalable On-demand network services

Respond to business needs faster and increase efficiency by deploying a large variety of network services on demand, wherever you need them, with our support ready to help.

Transform your network experience

Increase productivity and security by using real-time analytics, auditing, and control to optimize performance and security for on-premises devices, applications, and cloud services. Easier deployment with centralized management while maintaining policy across thousands of sites.




SahliTech routers for networks of all sizes and types

View our popular routers, or contact us to help you select or custom build the best router for your needs

Adularia: Network Routing & Security Appliance

Offering enterprise grade performance routing, built in network firewall and anti virus,  easy management with web GUI showing advance network statistics, modular with wide variety of network interfaces and upgrades. Powered by OPNsense on FreeBSD Unix

  • Support for ipv6
  • Support for load balancing
  • Stackable
  • Support for DDNS services
  • Physical Chaching
  • VPN server and client built in
  • Open Source operating system with marketplace of extensions

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