OPNSense DDNS Setup Freedns.afraid

How to setup DDNS from freedns.afraid in OPNSense.

This will update the IP that a domain points to if your internet connection changes its IP address occasionally.


1. In the OPNsense admin panel, click  “Services”  Then  Click  “Dynamic DNS”

2. Click “Add” (The orange button in the top right corner)

3. In the Dynamic DNS client Settings enter the following:

Change “interface to monitor” to WAN (Outside network towards modem)

Add “hostname”, the domain name that you want to connect and update to the IP of the router.

Under “password” enter the token from the update URL (See next step to obtain)


(Optional) Obtain update token for “password”

a. Login to you account at “freedns.afraid.org”

b. Click “Dynamic DNS” under the main menu

c. Click “Direct URL” next to the domain you would like to forward.

d. On the new page that comes up, in the URL bar copy everything after the “update.php?” (example: https://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/update.php?thisisthetokenusedforthepasswordhere)


4. After you enter all the information click “save” this will bring you back to the “Services: Dynamic DNS” page, if eberything is working you will see your current IP under “Cached IP”


About the author: Amro Sahli

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