Install Napp-IT on OmniOS, OpenIndiana or Oracle Solaris

Install Napp-IT on OmniOS, OpenIndiana or Oracle Solaris

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1. Install OmniOS, OpenIndiana or Oracle Solaris

Download the ISO or USB image and burn a bootable CD/DVD or clone the USB stick

Boot the installer and run a default setup

2. enable compress

set compress=lz4 rpool
set atime=off rpool

3. set network

dladm show-link
ipadm create-if e1000g0

3.1 use DHCP (preferred method on initial setup)

ipadm create-addr -T dhcp e1000g0/dhcp

3.2 add nameserver

echo ‚nameserver‘ >> /etc/resolv.conf

3.3 use dns (copy over DNS template)

cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf

If something happens (typo error), retry, opt. delete interface ex ipadm delete-if e1000g0

4 Setup the napp-it appliance

wget -O - | perl

5. reset root root (Unix and SMB), no password (press enter twice)

passwd root

6. enable SSH root access via napp-it menu Services > SSH

7. Login via Putty (to copy/paste commands with a mouse right-click)

8. set TLS for encrypted mai ex Gmail (run the from Putty/ Console and confirn any questions with enter)

perl -MCPAN -e shell
notest install Net::SSLeay
notest install IO::Socket::SSL
notest install Net::SMTP::TLS

9. disable services SSH root access and sendmail service in napp-it (menu Service)
set netbios_enable=true (Windows network browsing in OmniOS 151016 and up, menu Service>SMB>prop.)

10. set basic tunings in napp-it System > Tuning,

11. delete all BE

12. run

perl /var/web-gui/data/tools/other/

13 beadm create backup.setup (console, creates a backup bootenvinment with nics not configured)

14. Enter halt and power off, start cloneZilla

15. clone the systemdisk with defaults (quite fast, medium compress). name like date-img18-board-disk or select advanced settings with z2p compress , compromise between compression time and size

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