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SahliTech Adularia CV1

SahliTech Adularia CV1

Powerful routing appliance with unmatched security and performance in a small form factor | Supports up to 10-Gigabit line-routing throughput | Flexable power options | Highly configurable with tons of additional interfaces |  Ideal for enterprise applications, home labs, support routing and perimeter routing | Built with pride in Phoenix, AZ USA|

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Adularia CV1 brings the latest technological advances, performance optimizations, efficiency, and reliability. The CV1 is built on the 32nm process technology, at higher CPU clock speeds, and with more efficient architecture than previously available.


Some of the Advantages:

Speed and reliability: De-modulation, routing, and transmitting Wi-Fi all use resources, during heavy traffic an all in one solution (router and access point combo) will quickly run out of resources causing slowdown, lost packets, and general network unreliability. Our router appliance has its own dedicated resources providing efficient routing during heavy network traffic.


Intelligent routing: Our routing engine provides advance packet prioritization, smart QOS, VLANs & virtual networks, as well as compatibility for many industry standard protocols.


Reliable DDNS: Reliable dynamic domain name services (DDNS), supporting SahliTech, CloudFlare, and many other DDNS service providers. Part of the boot up procedure is establishing a connection to the DDNS and initiation of the domain relay.


Advance networking features: Deploy your own secure DNS (allowing you and your team to connect to your network from anywhere with internet access), connect an external storage device to provide network shared storage (your own cloud) accessible from anywhere with internet access.


Safe and secure firewall and network antivirus: advance enterprise firewall, allowing very high level of security easy to adapt, and simple to configure via web interface. Out of box prevention of DDOS attacks, Inside DNS, packet snooping/sniffing, and many other common attacks. Anti-virus can be enabled on the appliance preventing viruses, malware, trojans, and other compromised files and attacks, from entering your network.


Scalable & Customizable: CV1 Series appliances are fully customizable and easily fit into almost any network environment with a wide array of additional interfaces available and support to link multiple CV1, and other routers together.

System Specs: (Most Common Configuration)

CPU: Intel Atom® D2550 (2 Cores + 2 Threads, 4 Logical compute cores total, with support for 64Bit instruction sets, 10W TDP)

Chipset: Intel® NM10 & ITE IT8783F

RAM: Supports SODIMM DDR3 800/1066 MHz up to 16GB with ECC/REG support

Storage/Firmware: M.2/mSSD/NAND/eMMC upto 8GB-2TB

Power: 12V@5A DC


Power Delivery:

Mains Power: 110/120/220/240V AC transformer

Direct DC/PoE: Fused/filtered direct DC connection, 44V/48V/56V PoE/PoE+ options available

Battery: Optional Lithium-Ion battery backup/operation



Network Interfaces:

All CV1 Units come preconfigured with:

2x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (10/100/1000BASE-T)

2x RS-232/DV9/DSUB Serial interfaces



All CV1 Units come preconfigured with:



Addon Interfaces:

Ethernet (RJ-45):

Up to 4x additional gigabit ethernet interfaces (10/100/1000BASE-T)

Up to 2x 10-Gigabit ethernet interfaces (10GBASE-T/W)


Fiber (LC/SFP/SFP+):

Up to 4x Gigabit fiber ethernet interfaces (1000BASE-SX/LX)

Up to 2x 10-Gigabit fiber ethernet interfaces (10GBASE-SR/LR/LRM/KR/ER/SR)


Direct Coper (XAUI 4-lane PCS/SFP/SFP+):

Up to 2x 10-Gigabit direct coper ethernet interfaces (10GBASE-CX4/KX4)



Up to 3 additional RS-232/DV9/DSUB serial interfaces



WiFi 802.11N/AC/AX (2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz)

Bluetooth 5.0

SahliTech SDTF 1/2/6 (FM UHF/VHF)





5G Multimode (5GmmWave/sub-6GHz, TDD/FDD)



56K Dialup