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openSOS (SahliTechOS)

openSOS (SahliTechOS)

OpenSOS is back from the dead and now once more in development! Originally from “SOS” short for “Sahli OS” which was a scholarly/school project from 2004 based on a dos-like system, and written in C++ the old “SOS” was fully functional with a GUI and the ability to run Windows and Linux programs respectively. The original source code has been lost, but wouldn’t be eligible for public release due to copyright and intellectual property issues.

The new openSOS is now based on Linux and is designed to be a stable and easy to use system, for users of all skill level.


Confirmed (Finished) Features:

  • Inclusion (symbolic links) for some common DOS commands, such as DIR.

Planned Features:

  • Support for Windows programs using Wine Emulation
  • Easier device driver solutions
  • Support for BTRfs, ext4, ZFS,


Latest Release: