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openSOS (SahliTechOS)

openSOS (SahliTechOS)

OpenSOS is back from the dead and now once more in development! Originally from “SOS” short for “Sahli OS” which was a scholarly/school project from 2004 based on a dos-like system, and written in C++ the old “SOS” was fully functional with a GUI and the ability to run Windows and Linux programs respectively. The new SOS (OpenSOS) is based on Debian Linux and still retains support for programs from multiple platforms. OpenSOSĀ  supports some WIndows programs using wine, playonlinux, and proprietary ported libraries and configurations. OpenSOS also supports all Linux program packages and includes the Ubuntu, and Debian app stores.

The new openSOS is now based on Linux and is designed to be a stable and easy to use system, for users of all skill level.



(Currently In alpha development, most features are fully functional, more features on the way, stable alpha.)

  • Easy to use fully functional desktop operating system.
  • Modified sXFCE desktop environment, resource efficient, modernized interface.*
  • Support for multiple desktops/ workspaces
  • Inclusion (symbolic links) for some common DOS commands, such as DIR.
  • Multiple app stores*
  • Support for .deb Debian packages*
  • Support for some Windows programs*
  • Enhanced gaming support with SteamPlay and PlayOnLinux.
  • Easy driver installation with automated search and installation.*
  • Support for most Nvidia and AMD GPU’s*
  • Based on long term stable Debian releases*
  • Auto categorization main menu*
  • Support for most desktop / laptop systems.*

Planned Features:

  • Support for Windows programs using Wine Emulation
  • Easier device driver solutions
  • Support for BTRfs, ext4, ZFS,



CPU (Processor): SOS supports most Intel, AMD, VIA, and Broadcom processors that support the 64-bit instruction set.

Minimum required: dual core

Recommended: quad core

RAM (Memory): SOS can run mostly reliability with as little as 2.5GB’s of ram but 4GB is recommended.

Graphics: for full SOS desktop experience a dedicated GPU with 128MB of V/RAM and OpenGL 1.5, and DirectX 9 support.

Recommended graphics are Nvidia or AMD 2GB V/RAM, DirectX 12 support.

(Limited support for IntelHD, Intel Iris, Intel GMA)

Storage: SSD/HDD 40GB or larger.

If using USB Live media it recommended to use a flash drive 64GB or larger with USB3 or faster interface.

IDE/PATA is supported, but SATA2 or better is recommended.

Latest Release: