Coronavirus (COVID-19/CoV-2) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19/CoV-2) Update

At SahliTech, we are concerned about the developing issues related to coronavirus COVID-19. Although great progress has been made in the past few days, we want to take a moment to share an update about what we are doing as a company to ensure our services continue without disruption.

SahliTech, being a global network and providing mission critical data services, has been identified as an essential company, and will continue to provide services to our clients. Most of our local and global staffing already work from home and we will be able to continue client inquiries via text, email and phone without interruption.

We are also offering a discount on our remote assistance and maintenance services as well as extending hours of operation to help prevent unnecessary exposure and to support the many people who are now working from home.

In areas of our staffing where work from home is not possible, such as with our data centers and partner facilities, we have put in place health and safety procedures in accordance to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other local and federal health regulations.

It is business as usual here at SahliTech and we expect no issues or service interruptions as a result of coronavirus COVID-19. However, SahliTech is ready to activate our business continuity and emergency response plans, if needed, to ensure seamless operations throughout this situation.

SahliTech will continue to follow all directives and updates outlined by the U.S. Government, World Health Organization (WHO), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We will update you with any relevant changes.

Thank you for continuing to put your trust in our services.




Amro Sahli
President & CEO
SahliTech, Inc.

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