Commercial Services

Commercial Services

All businesses are unique and each has different technology needs, so at SahliTech we never practice a one size fits all approach. No business is too small or too big for us to handle. Our goal is to develop your information, storage and technology needs so you can achieve your business goals.

On-Site IT Support, Management, and Administration – We are able to completely manage all your company technology needs.
We provide, manage, and maintain: desktop computers, servers, websites, tablets, and office equipment. We can also offer upgrades and repair to existing systems, as well as help modernize your company’s business IT alignment.

Network Design, Installation, and Administration– Our team of network engineers are available to help you plan, create, install, and manage your company computer networks. Everything from starting ground up to analyzing existing networks and provide repairs, upgrades, and maintenance to them.
We are knowledgeable in a wide range of solutions from: Cisco, Symbol, Nortel, Microsoft, and Apple. SahliTech can create and manufacture custom hardware and software for unique business needs.

Scheduled Check-ups and Preventative Maintenance– Even if we didn’t provide your systems we can provide your company with the confidence that your systems are functioning properly. SahliTech provides on-site and remote system checkups and we will perform preventative maintenance so small problems don’t grow and interfere with your business operations.
Since most businesses rely on their technology systems for daily operations during normal business hours, we offer our maintenance to be performed after business hours providing virtually no downtime and peace of mind that your systems will be reliable day to day.

Computer/ Technology Planning and Consulting– Starting up your business is a complex and time consuming process. We can help analyze what technology is needed and build a solution that fits your business. Leave technology to us, we will guide your business through the steps necessary to successfully align technology with your unique business needs. While your company grows we can completely manage your commerical technology, so you can focus on other business priorities.
We are also able to work with your systems in their current state and configuration. SahliTech provides advice and services to keep you running effectively or upgrade and grow your systems as your company requires.

Fast and Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots– Let’s face it, people need Wi-Fi. Just looking at online reviews of business shows some people will pick a particular business over another simply because one offers free or faster Wi-Fi than the other. Offering Internet services to your customers can greatly improve the popularity and success of your business. SahliTech can provide your customers with a fast Wi-Fi hotspot that is secure and won’t jeopardize your current computer systems. We can also setup Wi-Fi hotspots that your customers can pay to gain access, hotspots can also be configured so only your customers are allowed access to the network.

Data Recovery, Encryption, and Backups– Your business depends on critical data and if your data is compromised it can cause failure and interruptions with business operations. SahliTech can help you protect against data loss and retrieve some lost or corrupted data.
Your day to day business data is too important for it to be at risk, SahliTech provides peace of mind by providing scheduled backups that are stored off site or in the cloud. We provide complete backup solutions so your business data is always available. From having a place to store, access, and share all your files all the way to complete drive images.
At SahliTech we understand that some data needs to stay private. Most companies that utilize cloud computing use no encryption; that leaves all your company (and sometimes clients’) data and information at risk. Our team of security engineers make sure all your data is safe and is unable to be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have proper clearance.

Website Design, Hosting, Diagnostics– SahliTech can help you from start to finish with all your web services. Everything from hosting the website, getting your .com, designing the website how you imagine it, training your staff on how to utilize the web services and, of course, maintaining the website to make sure it runs great. We also provide small business services to help your company show up on Google, as well as on other search engines. SahliTech can get you a professional website with a professional e-mail address and we can manage it so you can focus on other company needs.

And much more 
Please contact us for almost any computer/tech related questions. We provide professional services in a timely manner that you can feel confidence in.

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