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SahliTech offers a wide range of professional services for your home. We service most computer systems and technology.

Virus Removal– Do you think your computer has a virus? With the amount of sensitive information that goes through your computer, it is vital that a virus be taken care of as soon as possible. A computer virus can ruin important personal data, or worse, steal it. As you’re aware, there are many types of computer viruses; at SahliTech we can take care of all of them. We have experience with Trojans, Adware, worms, Spyware, and all major viruses. Our experienced technicians remove the virus, recover personal data, check the security of your data and personal information, and finally, ensure your computer is safe by preventing future virus attacks.

PC & Mac Repairs and Upgrades– Would you like your computer to be more powerful, perhaps faster or able to play a game or application? SahliTech can help with that. We can upgrade almost everything inside the case of your computer. Common upgrades are more space for to store files, faster performance, better ability to multitask programs, or better graphic capabilities.

Custom Computer Design– We design and build all types of custom systems; the sky is the limit! We can build anything from a Smart Watch all the way to a gaming rig that makes all your friends, (and enemies) jealous. You think it up and we can make it.

Wi-Fi Network Security and Management– Are you worried about people stealing your Wi-Fi Internet, how about your personal data? Is your Internet running slow or do you need extended coverage? Have no fear SahliTech is here, and we offer commercial grade network solutions extended to your home. We can make your residential networks fast and secure, we offer affordable commercial grade networks for your home.

Data Recovery, Transfer, Back-up, and Encryption– From broken hard drives, to deleted files we have a 98% success rate with our recovery operations. We can also move your files from one pc to another, and backup your files (to our Cloud Servers) for safekeeping, SahliTech provides data encryption services for your important data.

Advise, Consultation, and Education– All of our certified staff can assist you with technical questions you may have (not just with computers) and we also offer training. We will teach you everything you need and want to know about anything tech.

These are some of the popular services offered at SahliTech, but our technicians can help with all your tech and computer residential needs. Just send us an E-Mail, text, or give us a call; a certified specialist is here to help.


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