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Appliance Servers (NAS, SAN, Firewall)

Appliance Servers

SahliTech offers a wide variety of expertly crafted server systems. In addition to custom tailored systems, we also offer many “Utility Servers” that are built and optimized around a specificate application or purpose.


Our Appliance Servers are custom built to your specification they are highly modular and easily upgradeable, allowing long term lifetime and return on investment.

Our appliance servers can be configured with your choice of open source and partner software / operating systems, we can preconfigure around your business needs for better integration with current systems.


Network Appliance Servers- Firewall, Router, Load Balancer




Storage Appliance Servers – NAS, SAN


SahliTech offers a wide range of storage servers, from compact single NAS units to enterprise multi clustered storage area networks. SahliTech can provide the best file storage and shearing solutions.


We recommend OSNexus QuantaStor SDS for SAN storage servers