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Why SahliTech gaming rigs are the best?

At SahliTech, Inc. we do more than just gaming rigs, we custom design and manufacture components so we have a lot more customization options. Everything from custom enclosures, etched logos, personalized case art, to custom designed components, lighting, liquid cooling, and much more. All systems are hand assembled in Phoenix, AZ by certified technicians. System cooling and airflow is optimized using Flir Thermal Imaging technology. 



Current Available Gaming PC’s:


Custom Order Gaming PC:





SahliTech is passionate about gaming and offers a wide range of gaming products and services. Some of our most popular are:

  • Custom Built Gaming PC’s (Rigs)
  • Gaming PC parts and installation
  • Custom built, designed components
  • Overclocking and repair
  • Hosted LAN Party and gaming tournaments
  • Game (Digital Art) testing and development