Encryption Challenge With Prize [SES2]

Encryption Challenge


We challenge anyone up to the task, to try to decrypt our propriety SES2 Encryption.  There will be a special prize offered to anyone who is successful in decrypting the challenge file.  

SES is our property encryption algorithm utilizing propriety and industry proven algorithms together. SES utilizes AES and MD5 mixed mode digest 128-2048Bit and block sizes ranging 512-2048bit. SES also utilizes our proprietary obfuscated hex and data tables, each group of blocks use a different hash, seed, and algorithm. Encrypted data is layered and encrypted multiple times using different encryption techniques each layer combining our property encryption layers.


The file is 100% decryptable using our propriety software, if you successfully decrypt the file instructions and contact info are enclosed.


Challenge Details:

Details: SEA (Sahli Encrypted Archive) uses LZMA2:1536k and encrypted with AES256-SBH (Sahli Block Hash)
Archive is then encrypted with SES2xso (X= Hardened, S= Salted, O= Obfuscated) Challenge is decryptable using our proprietary closed source software.


Archive Contents:


File: SES Challenge Public.tar
MD5: F51AFA5231F3D0D315EC8C6FFD64275B


Inside Archive (TAR):

File1: Challenge.sea.ses2

File1 Description: Encrypted challenge file, SahliTech Encrypted Archive, SahliTech Encryption Standard 2

File1 MD5: 6C1A6AFD0BC9583C57F197975C5A80D4


File2: Challenge.sea.ses2.key

File2 Description: Challenge decryption key file (That's how confident we are with our software) 

File2 MD5: 47DEF6654226A79E56D5E73F43E13EBD


Try the challenge:

Download The Challenge File



About the author: Amro Sahli

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