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Digital Arts Team Recruitment: Background & Preferences

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SahliTech: Digital Arts

Team Recruitment: Background Application

Nameyour full legal name
Birthdayyour birthday
Referral Codecredential code
What best describes youpick one!
What best describes you (Other)Please describe yourself
Systems you currently ownonly pick consoles / systems that you currently own and are fully operational.
Systems you currently own (Other)What gaming systems do you own?
Favorite game genreswhat kind of games do you like to play?
Favorite game genres (Other)Whats your favorite game genre(s)
Favorite titlesPlease list your favorite game titles. (seprate with a comma)
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Favorite input methodSelect your favorite input method.
Favorite input method (Other)Whats your preferred input method?
How many hours do you spend gaming, in a week (average)In a week, ahow many hours do you spend gaming?
When do you normally gameWhen do you normally play?
Social PreferenceWho's there when you game?
Preferred way to playhow do you like to play?
Gaming peripherals & accessories you currently ownOnly pick peripherals & accessories you currently own and are operational.
Gaming languages & engines your familiar withpick languages & engines your familiar and competent with
Gaming languages & engines your familiar with (Other)Tell us what languages & engines your familiar and competent with.
Current Platformspick the platforms you currently have an account with

Let us know what gaming platforms you currently hold accounts with, SahliTech collects account names and associated E-Mail address so we can grant developer access on certain accounts. Developer access and special privileges depend on the project you are assigned to. SahliTech only uses the information provided internally. SahliTech will never share, or sell, your personal information. 

Xbox Live Gamer Tagenter your gamertag
PSN online IDPlay Station Network ID
Epic Games display nameyour full EPIC Games display name
Steam account nameyour Steam account name
Other Gaming Platformsplease give us more details
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Anything else you want to share with usIs there anything else you would like to share with us?
What do you want to sharewere all ears.. well, eyes actually.
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Websitewhat website would you like to show us?